Today, we depend on different types of technologies and tools to accomplish our daily task and improve our daily activities. Laptops have become one of the essential components in our day to day life. It refers to the portable computer which can be carried out while traveling as it holds batteries like NiMH, Nicad or Li-on for quite a few hours. Since the hardware component of the laptop is defined by its model; the purchase of the laptop must correspond to the individual requirement of users.

Are you willing to buy a new laptop? Buying laptop for any type of use either home or your company can become confusing and give bad experience if not picked properly. So, purchasing a laptop with more attention is essential. Thus, while buying a laptop better have a general concept to understand the different components of the laptop and the way you would like to configure it.

These are things to follow while purchasing laptop in Nepal:

Long life battery

Since load shedding issues are not still solved in Nepal, you should look for a long life battery which works for a long time. Battery usage is one of the key elements of the laptop which needs to be portable as well as durable. It is the main thing which you have to look for while purchasing the laptop in Nepal.

Earlier than you buy a laptop, find out how much it is durable and how long it last in the regular usage. Almost every company specifies the time of battery usage which might be at lowest probable setting as well, so make sure the company explains about the average battery usage time while utilizing laptop within every power mode.

You can find battery of following types:

  • Battery with 4 cells which last for 2 to 3 hours
  • Battery with 6 cells which last for 4 hours
  • Battery with 9 cell which last for 5 to 6 hours

Additionally, it is better to consider the degradation of a battery. Since, the life of battery degrades after you use it for some phase. Thus, it is essential to think about the durability of battery while buying a laptop.


The laptop screen might differ according to brands and models, but mostly they range from 7 inches to 17 inches. The larger screen supports higher resolution image and video. The display also influences the keyboard compression so make sure you pick up the laptop with the large screen which harmonizes your requirement.

Larger display size benefits your laptop with larger keyboards with great number pads and the small screen indicates a keyboard’s small area which might be troubling to type on those keyboards. Even though smaller screens are fine for portability and can be convenient to take all around compared to the larger laptop which might be difficult to carry all over. Now decide the type of laptop according to your need.

It can be better to purchase the laptop having screen size 14 to 15 inches, which might be an ideal combination of both resolutions of the screen as well as the keyboard. Keep in mind, the chief purpose of purchasing a laptop is for portability and flexibility, but if you do not desire to carry a heavy one always choose the smallest laptop.

Graphic processor

While playing High Definition (HD) videos as well as games, the graphic processor can be very essential. Almost every laptop employs to incorporate graphics instead of devoted graphic chips. Remember, you are unable to upgrade the graphics of your laptop. Thus, purchase laptop carefully as per your requirement.

It’s your choice whether you want your laptop with or with no graphic card. If you are willing to buy a laptop with the graphic card then better look for 1 GB graphic card which can be enough for usual activities. Keep in mind; it is generally effective for gaming use and graphic designers.

Hard Disk

While purchasing a laptop in Nepal, one of the essential things that you need to look for is hard Disk since laptop appears with different types of storage. It is one of the storage devices where each and every image, files, documents, audios, videos and many others are stored physically. Once the files that you stored are within the cloud or contain external hard drive, a lower hard disk space can be fine.

However, when you do not have any external storage and do not utilize cloud then space about 500 GB space can be sufficient. The piece of software operating with laptop or computer and the operating system stores data within RAM to function. You need minimum 4 GB of RAM in your laptop, but more the storage you have more benefits you get.


Every brand has both advantages and disadvantages, you have to research and analyze it carefully and decide on the brands. The Nepali marketplace is rich of laptops with various brands. Nevertheless, Dell and HP are taken as most recognized brands in Nepal whereas the additional brands obtainable in Nepal are Apple Mac, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung and many more. These brands might have brought both good and bad experiences among the users; purchase the laptop that harmonizes your personal needs.

It is better to purchase a laptop, but well-established brands as you can conveniently get space parts at your desired cost at the time you need them. Make sure you purchase a laptop from reliable and well-recognized stores in Nepal to stay safe from upcoming issues which might arise.

Wrapping Up,

These are the things which you need to follow while purchasing the laptop in Nepal. Since laptops are not long lasting, it is better to buy the one with reasonable price instead of expenses. Firstly, explore your requirement, then look for the budget and pick up the laptop, corresponding both your budget and requirements.

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A dedicated professional Yadab Pokharel is working as a Chief Operating Officer at Aussie IT Group. He earned his Master’s degree in Information Technology from Sikkim Manipal University, India.

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