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Laptops are a portable device which has almost similar capabilities as desktops, but is smaller in size and convenient for mobility. Some of the best laptops include IBM, Apple, Dell, Toshiba and Compaq. Their display mostly appears with thin screen technology. It uses various approaches to integrate a mouse within the keyboard which encloses touch pad, trackball and pointing stick. A serial port lets mouse attach and PC card is a hardware that adds a modem or network interface card to the laptops.

Moreover, laptops have fine benefits regarding the portability. When you take a laptop anywhere you go, your important documents and application can be accessed any place instantly. Through a wireless card, your laptop is able to access the web and you can do research from any place you desire. Along with research, you can also check emails, explore to different social networking sites as well.

Even though laptops are mostly highly priced than desktops there are maximum benefits of using laptops compared to the desktop. Some of the points are mentioned below:

Convenient Keyboard

The keyboard of laptop is more convenient compared to that of desktop due to space constraints in terms of dimensions. In laptops, keyboards are included as the component of the major body. The erect faction within the laptop is less than the keyboards of desktops. Laptop keyboard allows you to type speedily compared to the desktop. In addition, the place of track pad that operates as a built-in wrist makes it very appropriate.


Presently, laptops are very well-liked and they are mostly picked up compared to the desktop as they can be carried out anywhere anytime easily. Additionally, the laptop does every task which desktop does like using them with printer and other sort of hardware.

You can easily connect to the internet as there is a wireless internet card available in the laptop and installing it selects internet signals. This allows you to connect to the web and explore the things you desire from any place.

Enhanced LCD screens and easy access USB

One of the benefits of laptop over desktop is it has enhanced LCD screen which is more advanced and better compared to that of a desktop. The LCD screen of laptops gives two colors with better image quality. Along with LCD screens, easy access USB is an additional advantage of laptop as the USB port can be attained conveniently.

Fine resale value

A laptop holds fine resale value compared to a desktop. So, while purchasing a laptop, you can assure to resale it again and acquire some amount thought might not be equal to cost price. However, you do not have to worry about the resale.


Everyone loves doing multiple tasks at a time. Through laptop you can do multiple tasks and use it resting on your bed. Using laptop never makes you lonely as you can work on your projects or assignment watching your favorite show on television or talking with your friends or use it staying at your balcony. Indeed, using laptop gives you good experience of multitasking.

Energy saving

Laptops utilize less energy compared to desktop as 15-25 watts are used in laptop and 150 watts are used in usual desktops. Therefore, picking up laptops over desktops corresponds saving energy of approximately 50-80%. An extra energy saved by the laptops is due to the battery backup system employed by them. Hence, this energy can definitely make a great difference making the laptop energy saver.

Less space

Space is another benefit of laptop over desktop. A laptop requires very small space than a desktop as desktop with their large monitors and CPU takes lots of space. Some small version of a desktop occupies less space to add additional disk drives, circuit boards and many more.

Thus, in many prospects, it appears to range a laptop with upper hands. Thus, picking up a laptop over a desktop will surely benefit you with the additional space which can be utilized for other tasks in a fine approach.


Laptops are always the best choice over desktops. Laptops truly provide privacy as you can work privately on your project if you do not wish to share details with anyone of your business. You cannot expect this type of privacy in desktops as it cannot be used in a private place; you have to use it in front of your business team.

Efficient note taking for student

Taking notes on your note copy can be time-consuming. Having laptops will let them type their note straight in a document, save it and print when needed. Since electric notes are both quick as well as reliable, it also lets a student to index and manage their study materials.

Additionally, laptops also allow them to solve their queries instantly (if they require any) through a relevant keyword. These notes can be checked any time as a laptop is a portable device and there is less chance of getting lost as well.

Accessibility and connectivity

One of the finest benefits of a laptop over a desktop is laptops enclose more accessibility and connectivity strength compared to desktops. It allows to access the information anywhere you acquire an internet connection. It allows many business personnel as well as students to get familiar with their desired topic anytime anywhere without wasting the time. A good research and comfortable use of laptop will surely motivate you to perform better today and in the future.

To Close Up,

I hope now you got familiar with the benefits of a laptop over a desktop. Laptops are highly preferred as they are easy to use offering portability. They are easily accessible anyplace you wish which may be at home, schools, park, restaurant or organization. In Addition, they also offer you extra power along with flexibility compared to desktops which might lack in these parts. Thus, laptop offers great benefits to most of the users for any task they wish to accomplish.

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A dedicated professional Yadab Pokharel is working as a Chief Operating Officer at Aussie IT Group. He earned his Master’s degree in Information Technology from Sikkim Manipal University, India.

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