Laptops are the portable device which can be easily used from any place you stay. Nowadays, they have become one of the important components for people devoid of which they will to unable to accomplish their goal. It also helps you to check your email and communicate with your friends and other peoples all over the globe. Besides, portable device laptops are well recognized as the technological tool which can be easily used for any place either home, office, schools or your desired place.

Almost every business personnel require a laptop to deal with their business objectives. Students require it to research as well as study and teacher to find out different study materials to make their students easy to understand the course. In addition, organizations without laptops are incomplete as many tasks are instantly completed with the help of desktops and laptops.

However, technologies get updated every time; the trends that we are following today might get old tomorrow. So, better update yourself according to recent trends and technologies. We have already completed our journey 2015 and now are trying to make our 2016 more successful. So, in the year 2016, there are many new features of laptops that are approaching. We will discuss all the features in this article; you just need to look those features in your new laptop.

For you ease, check out these essential features in your 2016 laptop:

High-Resolution screen

Few years ago, almost every laptop appeared in the resolution screen of 1366 * 768 though you gave good payments. These resolutions did not hold good image quality and long text were difficult to fit on the screen compelling to scroll down long to read the text on websites and other edit documents.

Presently, there are reasonably priced systems available with a resolution screen of 1920 or even high-resolution screen which allows you to view more of your task right away while watching movies. So while purchasing laptops in 2016 you will get a benefit of a high-resolution screen.

Windows 10 preloaded

Most of the customers found windows 8 and 8.1 user unfriendly OS (Operating System) and they stopped purchasing computers due to this reason. Nevertheless, with the arrival of Windows 10 OS of Microsoft is again on the top together with speedy boot and wake time.

Additionally, it also contains an enhanced Start menu with a new ecosystem of universal application as well as the capability to turn flawlessly among mouse-friendly desktop plus touch-friendly tablet mode. This also enables you to update any Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 without any charge. Truly, it is much more convenient to purchase a laptop which arrives with the fresh platform preloaded.

USB Type-C Charging

Almost every peoples like USB that helps you with different types of task like charging your cell phone or tablets, writing data to flash drives and connecting you with some useful port stations. Now, it’s time to get familiar with USB type-C Charging which carries out data along with electricity on a single wire, that lets to power your laptop, output video or copy file with only one typical cable.

Remember, each laptop might not support USB Type-C charging, but those laptops which support it will be able to get benefit from the complete network of uniform AC adapters, port and monitor. Furthermore, you will find each and every USB Type-C cable reversible, which indicates you will not have to concern on plugging them in upturned.

RealSense 3D Cameras

Cameras of phones and tablets are more superior and remarkable compared to that of laptop webcams. However, the new RealSense 3D camera of Intel contains two depth sensor along with its standardized lens which also helps in scanning the face and capture real-world object.

OLED displays

While getting started with your Smartphone, you might feel that the display of your laptop is boring and unresponsive. Some of the superior phone screen available on the marketplace utilizes an OLED display, which produces more than 100% of sRGB color range developing an image on the panel which looks fine compared to real one.

Intel Skylake CPUs

Everyone recognizes Intel as the leading PC chip producer and it is now updated its processors to new production. Though is code-named Skylake, it was officially named as Intel 6th Generation Care series. The newly approached CPUs are faster compared to old ones with appreciably longer battery life.

Desktop-Class Graphics Performance

A gamer, unwilling to play the challenging title had to pick up among getting the fine performance on computer with a complete power graphics card and purchasing a gaming laptop with a mobile GPU. Nevertheless, 2016 benefits you with larger laptops or you can also buy small systems which utilize an external graphics, speaker together with a desktop card within it.

2 in 1 PCs

While you are willing to send an email, explore to the internet or accomplish your projects, you cannot find anything more comfortable than your laptop. Conversely, while you are travelling and willing to watch movies or some music video or you are at the store and willing to explore to some social media platforms you wish you had tablets instead of laptops.

So, for your ease, 2016 a new generation of 2 in 1 PCs provides you a laptop which you can fold flat accomplishing your task or separate its screen for your convenient practice.

To Close Up,

I hope you are now familiar with some essential and exciting features of laptops which came into practice in 2016. Laptops are mostly utilized in different types of fields which include company, education sectors and other personal works. They are highly portable, allowing you to do your task from almost anywhere. Thus, choose the laptop, corresponding to the features you require.


A dedicated professional Yadab Pokharel is working as a Chief Operating Officer at Aussie IT Group. He earned his Master’s degree in Information Technology from Sikkim Manipal University, India.

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