Laptops are the portable device used for different purposes such as education, commercial, personal multimedia and many more. It unites the component which includes input, output and some competence of a desktop computer counting display, speaker, keyboard and mouse within a single component.

In this world nothing last for long and so do your electronic devices. However, repairing laptops can be easy to make it work for some more time. It is better to repair laptop than to replace as replacing can trouble during the procedure of recovering your data as well as transferring them to the new drive. Additionally, you will certainly lose your licensed software along with applications and other important programs. So, laptop repair is an efficient way to get out of this trouble.

There are lots of laptop repair center in Kathmandu, Nepal. Among them, you need to find reliable and best laptop repair center to get the service as per your satisfaction. If you are having a problem to find a reliable laptop repair center, then reading this article will surely be helpful.

For your ease, Here are the best laptop repair centers in Kathmandu, Nepal:

Laptop sales and Repair – Computer Help Center

This laptop repair center is situated in New Baneshwor and has been providing its service since 2004. They can sell and repair any kind of laptops of international brands with their expert and proficient technicians who have good experience and experience in laptop repair. You can completely depend on this center for any type of laptop sales and repair as they strive to fulfill all your requirements.

They believe in serving and developing a good and long-lasting relationship with their customers. Remember them for any type of laptop repairs for broken laptops, both common as well as obscure from every manufacturer starting from PC to MAC. In Additional, this service center also deals with sell and repair of any type of laptop you enclose with their well experienced and expert technician who includes superior experiences as well as skills.

Laptop Nepal

Laptop Nepal is a genuine as well as an authorized Laptop repair center that mainly focuses on providing quality service in your desired time frame. Established in 2012 this laptop repair center offers its services to all over the country which counting both private and government organizations.

Currently, almost every individual owns their own laptop and due to lack of good care there might arise various problems in laptops. Relying on this company will benefit you with free consultation service for their customers regarding any types of problem occurring in the laptop. So, get help from this company if you have any problems with your laptop. They are capable of repairing the laptops of all the available brands.

LapCare Nepal

Laptop Repair Center LapCare Nepal has provided its services since 2013. This service center handles each brand since the basic principle of maintenance and technologies are familiar. They are keen to provide services focusing on the satisfaction of their clients. Additionally, this center has also produced their service policy paying more attention in flexibility and cooperation where the client benefits from the superior level of comfort and convenience.

Truly, LapCare Nepal holds the best-specialized professionals who are able to repair laptops to your complete satisfaction along with testing and excellence control part. They have well experienced and proficient professionals who are always ready to provide best as well as cost-effective service to the clients.

Tech Care Infosys

Laptop Repair center Tech Care Infosys is one of the superior computer repair and maintenance center located in Jorpati. This repair center offers various laptop repair and maintenance services along with mobile maintenance, printer installation, repairs and sharing in business, networking and installation of any security products such as fingerprint readers, CCTV, attendance software, cartridge maintenance, toner refilling and many more.

Tech care Infosys also benefits you with an annual maintenance contract as the key objective of this center is to take care of Technology in Nepal. It is one of the rapidly emerging companies with numerous service stations in Jorpati and Gokarna.

The Waves Group Trading PVT. LTD

The Waves Group Trading includes a team of engineering as well as business professional offering various technical solutions along with laptop repair and maintenance service. This center started its journey as IT training center and is now upgraded as laptop repair and maintenance service.

This center has been adapting different types if technological advancement, trends and practices assuring that the products and services provided by them carry related caliber to their respected clients.

To Wrap Up,

These are some of the best Laptop Repair Center in Kathmandu. These days, laptops have become one of the basic requirements of individuals deprived of it; they will not be able to do their daily task properly. Almost every business personals require a laptop to accomplish their business goals properly, whereas student requires a laptop to perform their research and do the assignment. Thus, it has become the spine for everyone to do their daily task in a proper manner.

Since there are lots of benefits of laptops, you need to utilize and preserve it in a suitable way. To make your laptop durable, you can go to laptop repair center to find out the issue and solve the issue before it creates damage to your system.


A dedicated professional Yadab Pokharel is working as a Chief Operating Officer at Aussie IT Group. He earned his Master’s degree in Information Technology from Sikkim Manipal University, India.

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Sabin2021-11-26 05:39:20

Need OMEN HP 15-ce001ne Battery Replacement

Dipendra Paudel2021-08-16 02:51:42

My laptop screen have flicker problem after used some time. How to solve this problem ?

Anjal Dahal2021-02-16 15:08:50

My scren desplay is brok i canot see anything ples fix my leptap scren i will gibe you mony. OK? ples repli Harri up! plesz

Om Shankar2020-11-29 11:16:37

2 white spot on my hp laptop screen how can I fix.

Birendra Dewal2020-10-21 18:12:34

Do you have bottom case of Dell inspiron 15 5547 ??

Hari datt Joshi2020-10-10 07:42:50

Hard Drive Short DST Check :- FAILED

laptop repair dha lahoe2020-07-23 10:47:41

This site is very nice and good information provide. laptop repair dha lahore

sathiclap2020-07-17 16:29:05

If you want to get your Laptop Repair in Muzaffarpur, SathiClap can be named at the top in the list. We provide reliable services for laptop repairing through the city. We are least bothered about the operating system you use, be it Mac or Windows, hardware, or software issues, we are eligible to fix it. We ensure our customers to solve their issue in less time and cost.

Shoaib khan2019-09-05 05:17:03

Thanks for these articles this is very informative. It's really helpful I hope you will provide more information about this technology.

Sabin bajgain2019-06-22 01:38:51

My laptop HP g6 keyboard is not working can u replace it? How much it cost?

sanat tamang2019-05-30 14:23:11

Can you change my laptop screen of samsung

Sujan2018-05-20 16:47:05

I want to replace my sony vaio i5 case .its hinges are broken . can it be repaired ?

sidhant chaudhary2018-05-08 12:39:01

i want back panel model g6-2320se black color...

shatrudhan mahato2018-03-16 05:54:25

please share the hp compact cq42 model motherboard price details

pemba2018-02-26 06:14:21

i messed up with security in bios system and now can't do anything as the very first scrren on startup is with blue background with white font asking for bitlocker key. can you fix this problem or completely reinstall windows 10 in asus x205t ? its laptop with no hdd but 32gb of emc internal memory with 2gb ram.

Nibeshkhadgi2018-01-09 11:51:22

Do u have lenovoB15-30 laptops display?

Nitesh2017-12-02 06:16:02

When I turn on my laptop, it only appears blank screen though fan is running and caps lock button is blinking but no response on the screen. My laptop model hp g6 series

simran2017-11-02 05:54:42

My laptop isn't opening it show lenovo and get on off of screen whats wrong is wid it??

Yudda2017-09-22 09:37:28

I want change my gigabyte laptop keyboard. Model no. Q2432m. Do you have keyboard ?

Saru Adhikari2017-08-21 15:29:52

Any problems at laptops and if you want new laptops desktops please call me..

Kishor2017-04-29 13:07:04

my toshiba laptop does not give signal on display or no display , board chip short due to deposition of ants and dust its amd can it be repaired ? if yes whats the approx cost ?

pratish2017-03-28 04:40:44

i need o change housing of my laptop it is hp 1000 notebook is it available and how much does it cost

Rajesh Adhikari2017-03-15 16:34:37

i need a repair of internal screen of hp laptop 16.5 0r 17 inches what's this cost is

Shuvam2016-10-30 05:31:22

Do u guys repair laptop's graphics card that is attached (glued i think) to the motherboard (i.e. new graphics card cannot be installed or replaced.I will have to buy a new motherboard to replace graphics card.)

sonu paswan2016-10-18 10:36:50

i have software problem in my laptop.... due to lack of virus scan for 2 years...the photos that was saved in laptop has become .exe file and is not able to it possible to recover my file???photos was of great importance... plz help...

Baikuntha2016-09-22 15:42:30

Sandeep ji , contact to our repair center. Computer Help Center/Laptop Sales Repair-New baneshwor 014465510.

Ashok2016-09-19 12:12:38

i want to best laptop reparing shop for job in BGA Level or any kind of problem so some one is intressed then call me now i am in delhi yet so my number is 7053639839

sandeep shrestha2016-09-14 07:30:35

I want to repair my IBM thinkpad G20 laptop, The hardisk is gone and it won't charge ( no power supply ) and wifi does not work, will you able to fix it? I need to add the latest Ge Force graphics card, at least 500gb hardisk and 4 gb of ram.

Yad2016-09-13 03:16:11

Yes, If your display broken , it can't show proper screen display... Bijay ji..

Bijay2016-09-11 05:31:45

display cannot show display broke

Yad2016-09-07 15:19:33

You must to servicing your laptop.

rabin2016-07-06 09:42:30

my laptops not smoothly work while doing anything playing videos listening music and youtube also

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