The Portable personal computer, laptop is a suitable for versatile use. Laptops are mostly used in various sectors including work, education and other personal as well as professional use. Laptops are more of necessity instead of accessory.

These days, we try to perform our every activity technically. When we talk on technology, the laptop comes in our mind at first. At this time, laptop has become an essential component of our personal and professional life.

Here are Best laptop brand available in Nepal’s marketplace:

  1. Apple

Apple is the leading laptop brand and very popular due to its design. They are fundamentally modernized and are well recognized for their quality. They arises will different types of simple and effective features. The overall designs of Apple are likely to be outstanding and stylish which includes the main feature of apple.

  1. Dell

Dell offers amazing presentation as well services. This laptop brand is mostly suitable for those who are true Windows lover and wish for a perfect brand of laptop with incredible performances. It is one of the popular brand which designs laptop with different prices ranges.

  1. Hewlett-Packard(HP)

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is one of the most popular and worthy brand among the other laptop brands. It comes up with a balanced combination of functionality and style. The products of HP are higher ranged within the laptop users. Their products are mainly intended for extensive range of customers.

  1. Lenovo

This laptop brand is specially designed for Professionals. The designs of Lenovo laptop are usually gray or dark and plain. Though they have limited styles, they are developed with a strong build feature. They are most popular for quality mechanism and hardware. These laptops are reliable and long-lasting.

  1. Acer

Acer laptops are most popular due to its portability. They are positioned as 7th foremost laptop brand and are extremely renowned within the public. Acer drivers are easily available in internet café. Either you desire effectiveness, eventual portability or simplicity you can prefer Acer

  1. Sony                                                                                                                                                                                 The laptop brand Sony VAIO achieves a lot of reputations from customers. The recent models are simplistic and facilitates touch screen to support windows 8. Their laptops are dependable and functions as advertised.
  1. Toshiba                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  One of the most well recognized laptop brand Toshiba manufactures and provides laptops in various price ranges. The product of Toshiba is plain and appears with boxy design which looks less stylish. Nevertheless, they have high-quality hardware part.
  2. Asus                                                                                                                                                                                         Taiwan’s Information Technology industry has grown enormously over the last few decades and the country is now a dominant force in the global market. ASUS has long been at the forefront of this growth and while the company started life as a humble motherboard manufacturer with just a handful of employees, it is now the leading technology company in Taiwan with over 12,500 employees worldwide. ASUS makes products in almost every area of Information Technology too, including PC components, peripherals, notebooks, tablets, servers and smartphones.

At the end, these are the best laptop brands available in the marketplace in Nepal. Different brand of laptops is available in the marketplace. With the enhancement in the technology, having a laptop has become one of the basic needs for everyone. While purchasing a laptop along with the price technical aspects should also be determined. Firstly, you have to analyze your requirements, go for your budget and purchase the laptop which meets your requirement and budget.



A dedicated professional Yadab Pokharel is working as a Chief Operating Officer at Aussie IT Group. He earned his Master’s degree in Information Technology from Sikkim Manipal University, India.

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Bijay Kumar Yadav2017-11-19 07:45:34

Which laptop brand repair center is nice and available in all over Nepal? Moreover, the accessories like battery, charger and other stuffs are cheapest?

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